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Strokes following trauma

Interesting article by Kristi Evans (Charity event to assist Paul family, The Local Weekly, May 29) and a great picture of Justin Paul, his wife and three young children. My sympathy goes out to all of them – especially the children.

I would like to suggest a follow up article on the danger of strokes following severe head trauma. More and more articles are appearing in the medical and lay press demonstrating the marked increase in concussions and subsequent strokes in participants in contact sports, such as football and mixed martial arts.

Gordon Politeski,

Halfmoon Bay

Is it hot in here?

Last week’s letter-writer who says we should get ready for global cooling(!) and that “man has very little to do with it” appears to be stunningly ignorant of the overwhelming scientific evidence that humans are causing global warming. While virtually 100 per cent of bona fide scientists warn that we must stop burning the remaining, hard-to-extract, environmentally damaging fossil fuels, the industry still employs ‘fossils’ to cast doubt. With humans pumping 30 billion tons of CO2 into our airshed annually, who can seriously doubt that this is causing our climate to change? Credentialed climatologists warn that past climate change has been caused by far less.

An excellent Cosmos episode (June 1, Global television) on this topic also delved into the cascading feedback loops, like methane (a highly potent greenhouse gas) leaking from the melting Arctic permafrost and the declining sea ice which reflects sunlight back into the atmosphere. The degree of warming in the Arctic is truly alarming. Readers can see it on-line.

By not acknowledging and dealing with humanity’s role in altering our world, we condemn future generations to ever more extreme weather, rising sea levels and massive extinctions; our descendants will be justified in cursing us. However, there is a better way – dramatically reduce our fossil fuel consumption and pursue alternatives – as other countries are doing: Germany meets 20 per cent of its energy needs through solar and Iceland meets 65 per cent (and growing) of its energy needs with geo-thermal, not to mention President Obama’s latest announcement to curb CO2 emissions. Canada must get with the program! We need to stop subsidizing the oil and gas industry (with its relatively few jobs no matter what the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers says!) and instead invest in clean energy with its much greater job opportunities.

Gayle Neilson,


Setups for accidents

On several occasions I have come suddenly upon a traffic incident, where it is occurring on a corner and I have come upon it so quickly I hardly have time to react. In these instances it has involved police cars that have stopped someone for a traffic violation. Amazingly, the police vehicle has pulled up behind the car but is several feet out on the road. This is a setup for traffic accident.

Another problem area and a setup for accidents is the area on Teredo in Sechelt where again you come around a corner by Trail Bay Mall (Subway entrance) and almost hit vehicles coming out of the parking lot in the area of Gilligan’s, the Seaside centre and the Police station.

Fawn Road at Redrooffs is yet another really dangerous side road. An extra pedestrian crossing is needed in Davis Bay in front of the Mosaic Emporium.

It would be nice to see some of these issues addressed.

Bernadette McEwen,

Halfmoon Bay

Well done, everyone!

Kudos to the ladies who worked diligently to build a playground at West Sechelt Elementary for everyone’s children to use. A playground that the community will be proud of. In this day and age when might makes right and the size of the wallet determines many a position for others, Ms Shinn, Ms Fawcus, and Ms Wood selflessly, with countless parents (take a bow) raised enough money and with additional donated labour and supplies created their dream playground. It was true that Sechelt needed such a playground and it would one day come, but the time was now for a large elementary school such as West Sechelt. These ladies quickly overcame the disappointment of not receiving what I believe was called the Outlook financial Facebook-based grant and with sweat, toil, and sometimes tears got it done. As a father of two young boys who love playgrounds, congratulations to these gals and the many others who had a community vision and committed themselves to its fulfillment.

Darren Inkster,


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