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Thanks from Accessibility Advisory team 

More than 50 people from the Coast attended Scooter Safety Awareness Day events at the Sechelt Seniors Activity Centre on June 8. This event, organized by the District of Sechelt’s Accessibility Advisory Committee, could not have happened without the support and assistance of many people and businesses, and we would like to thank them.

Our speakers were Mayor John Henderson of the District of Sechelt, Occupational Therapist Chris Rowan, RCMP Constables Andrea Ceulmans and Ashley Taylor, Patricia Geddes-Law of Medi-Chair and Greg Patton of Coast Ability. Our obstacle course was set up and managed by Officers Ceulmans and Taylor.

The District’s Accessibility Advisory Committee will begin its fall meeting schedule in September, 2013. If you are interested in participating in the work of this committee we hope that you will consider volunteering by contacting Monika Schittek at the District offices (

Please drive safely and remember that all of us – pedestrians, bikers, scooter users, and vehicle drivers are sharing the roads. My trained seeing-eye dog, Captain Midnight, and I, thank you!

Bill Conway, Sunshine Coast


Check facts on pile driving

It would be of great help for all the discussions about the new Sechelt wastewater plant if George Goudie and his Sechelt Sewage Coalition would check their facts before issuing scaremongering letters (“To protect your homes” June 20). They would have us believe that nearby houses are at risk of damage from vibrations from pile driving.  A phone call to the District on this question led to the answer that there will be no piled foundations, and thus no pile driving, at the Ebbtide site. Apparently the foundations will be poured concrete strip/slab and the soil compaction is similar to what would be done for roadworks.

As the old saying goes, “everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but no one is entitled to their own facts”. Lets keep the discussions intelligent by checking our facts first.

Greg Deacon, Sechelt


Banked time, not ‘additional days off’.

Spinning the truth to your advantage is a wonderful art, one that our elected officials and Municipal managers seem to use with the greatest of ease. However, in the case of the strike between the BCGEU members and above mentioned parties, the spin could not be further from the truth.

To be clear, the District employees are not asking for any additional days off.

For a decade or more the office staff have enjoyed a modified work-week, where they work about an extra 40 minutes per day and take every second Friday off. These days are not additional days off, but simply days off that have been paid for in time banked from working extra.

Most people in the office use this day to spend time with their family.

Now, let’s get down to the money. The BCGEU members have asked for a three-year contract with annual incremental increases of 1.5 percent, 1.7 percent, and 1.7 percent.

The District of Sechelt has offered 1% and a $500 (taxed of course) signing bonus per person per year.

The BCGEU minimum wage increase for cost of living is 2 percent and the District of Sechelt offer does not equate. These are the facts, so do with them as you will.

Jamie Swann, Roberts Creek


Who’s going to water the plants? 

In the Vancouver Sun, Saturday, June 15, there was a big article (the third) about problems in Sechelt: “The district of Sechelt is one troubled municipality where the bad news just keeps rolling in.”

And now, just in time for tourist season, because of the strike, Sechelt may look even worse. Take for example the Public Works department, the people who water all the beautiful hanging baskets around Sechelt. These were expensive baskets and bought with taxpayer dollars. Very soon, they will all be brown balls if the District can’t keep them watered. Our many nice parks will be knee-high in weeds, and the garbage cans will be overflowing, again if the District is unable to handle all that work. The lawns and plantings around municipal buildings will also look awful unless the District Managers and Council can somehow keep this all taken care of during the strike.

The Mayor would have us believe that the strike is about workers wanting more days off. I’ve heard from many that they just want a fair wage settlement.

If we’re trying to attract more businesses and more residents so there’s more tax dollars, then Sechelt at least has to look like a nice place.

Please settle the strike now.

Cecilia Ohm-Eriksen, Sechelt

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