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Library a perfect respite on a hot summer’s day

Library a perfect respite on a hot summer’s day

Summer is a busy time at the library. Our programs for children and youth are bustling as young people of all ages participate in a range of activities, including creating stories and flash fiction, learning to code spheros, DJ training, playing Dungeons and Dragons and much more. As the diversity of our programming demonstrates, libraries are the gateways to current technology and also the respite from it. We strive to bridge the digital divide that exists for people who do not have access to technology or tech education, while also enabling people to unplug from the digital world and enjoy the wonder of a great book or an inspired conversation.

Keep in mind all the ways the library can make these lovely long summer days even better. An audio book is a great way to enjoy long road trips – the library has an extensive collection of titles to choose from. Holidays also bring more time for pleasure reading, so stock up print or digital books to suit your fancy. If you are ever at a loss for what to read next, please come and talk to us at the library: our staff are skilled at finding options for every kind of reader and taste.

GDPL is in the midst of creating a new five-year strategic plan that will help the library be the very best it can be, and help it to meet the information and resource needs of everyone in our community. Please take a moment to complete our brief survey to voice your opinions on what you like about the library, what we can improve, and what our vision for the future should be. You can find print copies of the survey at the library, or can find the link on our website at

Hope to see you at the library.

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