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Library has the resources you need for personal development

Library has the resources you need for personal development

The dawn of a new year often brings up motivation for personal development, new learning and resolutions.  There is no better place to find the resources you need, for whatever interest you may have,  than your local library. Beyond amazing books, the library has a diverse range of databases and digital resources that can meet any interest.  Lifelong learning and the pursuit of knowledge are always supported at the library, and our staff are always available to help you get the information you need.

We are delighted to have Andrea Routley as our new Outreach Coordinator at the Gibsons and District Public Library. Andrea has a diverse background in marketing and event planning, and progressive outreach programming.  In addition to the ongoing conversational language groups, knitting, writing groups and book club at the library, Andrea will be planning various special events on Wednesday evenings and Saturdays.  In February, there will be a financial literacy workshop series offered by the Sunshine Coast Credit Union that will cover various topics including how to avoid identity theft, and which loans never to get.  There will also be programs later in January on how to polish your listening skills, and a travel/information slideshow on the Vietnam Friendship Village.

Whatever interest or topic appeals to you, please know that our library staff are always here to help you find the materials you need to satisfy your curiosity. Please check out our website at or give us a call at (604) 886.2130 – we are always here for you. See you at the library.

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