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Life for Little

Life for Little

This is the story of Little, a bald eaglet who was rescued when it couldn’t fly at fledge time.

The nest was monitored by a member of Hancock Wildlife Foundation. Heather Johnson can view the nest from her property in Wilson Creek. By mid-June she discovered through photographs that one eaglet seemed much smaller than its sibling who fledged a whole month before Little. A photograph she took towards the end of July gave us concern that Little would not be able to fly upon leaving the nest.

When Little disappeared from the nest Aug. 9 and eagle-calling stopped, Heather and I set out to search around the base of the nest tree, having no idea if we would even be able to walk to it through the underbrush and blackberry bushes. We managed fine and found the tree, with Little grounded below.

We took him to Gibsons Wildlife Rehab Centre, and he has since been transferred to OWL (Orphaned Wildlife Society, in Delta). Little will have to be rehabbed there for about a year to grow in a whole new set of feathers. He didn’t even have much of a tail. He will learn to fly and catch fish there.

Sandra Timmins, Gibsons

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