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Lions Club collects for Diabetes

Lions Club collects for Diabetes

On November 14th you will find members of the Gibsons Lions Club collecting donations for the Canadian Diabetes Association. All money received is used to support Diabetes Health services and activities in our community.

One in four Canadians has Diabetes. On the Coast, 7 out of 100 people have Diabetes, but this statistic does not include those Coast residents who travel to Metro Vancouver for their medical assistance. Ninety percent of the Coast Diabetes patients have Type 2 or Adult on-set Diabetes. Ten percent of the Coast Diabetics have Juvenile or Type 1 Diabetes. In 2010, over 2,000 people on the Coast had Diabetes. The effects of Diabetes can impact all aspects of a patient’s life. It is most important to have this illness diagnosed early.

Vancouver Coastal Health offers pre-diabetes clinics at Sunshine Coast Regional District centres. The only way to discover if you have diabetes is to have a blood test done by a physician. Your family physician can refer you to the Diabetes Education Centre at St. Mary’s Hospital in Sechelt.

While there are several symptoms of Diabetes, people can be pre-diabetic or diabetic and not exhibit those symptoms. It is important to get checked so you can maintain your health. If Diabetes is caught early, you can live a long healthy life without the complications of Diabetes.

Gibsons Lions are asking you to support this fund raiser. Gibsons Lions Club will be located at the Sunnycrest Mall, from 10 – 4 p.m. on Friday, November 14th.



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