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Live, learn and grow your own food with One Straw Society

One Straw Society based Live & Learn Program celebrates three years of strengthening local food security and community connectedness.
Since 2010, Live & Learn, its staff and volunteers have been committed to empowering individuals in the lower Sunshine Coast with unique food based knowledge and skills.
In the past three years Live & Learn has trained over 40 mentors and empowered mentors to deliver over 60 classes. Distilling essential oils, building garden beds, making homemade sour dough starter, cooking traditional curry, raising and butchering chickens, canning fruit in season, foraging in local forests and coastlines, canning salmon, and saving garden seeds are just a few examples of skills being shared by Live & Learn mentors.
“I have learned that information is organic and when you share it in a communal way you build bridges and create relationships. That is the first step towards building community capacity that only strengthens one’s community further. After the class it felt like a family gathering” said Rashmi Singh, a Live & Learn mentor (Coastal Market Feast – Direct Farm Market buying Indian Curry recipes).
The program is also celebrating the release of its new handbook, Live & Learn: A Mentor’s Training Manual, by Kim Wilkinson, Robin Wheeler and Justin French. The One Straw Society, Live & Learn staff and volunteers look forward to continued deliverance of this unique program with gratitude to the community and the Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) SMART fund support.

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