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Lunitas Mexican Eatery

Lunitas Mexican Eatery

Come this May long weekend, Lunitas Restaurant will reach its first-year anniversary. Quite an accomplishment in the restaurant business. Lunitas Restaurant in lower Gibsons has established themselves as the place to go for excellent Mexican food and an unforgettable margarita. Jody (Lunitas’ owner) has her feet solidly on the ground and her eyes set towards the future.

Jody moved to The Sunshine Coast via a circuitous route, but she is originally from Southern California where there is a robust Mexican community and one that shaped her love of this cuisine. Growing up surrounded by Mexican foods and Latin flavour combinations, exploring all Mexico has to offer, as well as attending culinary school in Vancouver rounds out experience with education. Jody has spent the last year growing, working, and making Lunitas Restaurant a success. She has learned a lot, and coupled with her commitment to detail she keeps delighting the taste buds of her customers and making Lunitas a fun place for both staff and guests.

The menu at Lunitas is a fresh, playful take on traditional Latin cooking methods, and includes items that have been a success over the past year. From small plate tapas through traditional style tacos, burritos, quesadillas, tamales and desserts, it’s everything you would want from a Mexican restaurant. All your traditional favourites are available with a consensus that the tortilla soup, stuffed tamales, taco tray flight (make sure to include the drunken prawns), and mussels are to die for. Menu items are all made from scratch using the freshest ingredients which allows the tastes to come alive with each bite. Local farmers have allowed her to design her own “Lunitas gardens” where they grow ingredients reserved specifically for her to use in the restaurant.

Weekends find the restaurant open for brunch and what a delicious way to start the day. A Mexi Benny with a base of corn cakes, chorizo, guacamole, eggs, black beans and lime crema; a skillet of Huevos Rancheros; delicious Breakfast Bowls or for the sweet tooth, churro inspired waffles with cinnamon whipped cream, Mexican chocolate, and vanilla maple syrup. That should fill you up for a day of exploring.

Lunitas can get pretty packed on the weekends so reservations are recommended. Call 604-886-1289.

– Natalie Findlay

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