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Make a plan and de-clutter for spring

Many homeowners feel a sense of renewal in the spring, when the desire to clean house and get organized becomes a priority.

Garages are often targets for homeowners hoping to target clutter. Organizing the garage is typically a weekend or several-day project. It’s usually a significant undertaking best tackled with two or more people to make the project less intimidating.

Start tby taking inventory of what you have, what has not been used for some time and can be cleared out, and what must be kept. Think about storage and access. Tools and items that are used more often should be stored within reach or where easily visible. Group like items together: garden tools, camping gear, sporting equipment, and automotive supplies should be stored in their own areas.Invest in vertical storage systems, hooks, clear storage bins and/or a peg board full of hooks for oft-used items.

Leave space for hobby and work areas. Then give the space a fresh coat of paint.

Periodic checks can keep a garage clean and organized throughout the entire year and make yearly spring cleaning much more manageable.


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