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Making Waste management greener

On Oct. 6, the Green Bin program, a weekly curbside food waste collection service, makes its debut for the residences in the service areas receiving garbage collection, which include Halfmoon Bay, Roberts Creek, Elphinstone, and West Howe Sound. Coinciding with the curbside food waste collection service will be a transition from weekly to bi-weekly garbage collection.
Diverting waste from landfill disposal is a significant solid waste management issue on the Sunshine Coast. Firstly, our only landfill is expected to be full in the next six to eight years, and so far, there is no replacement for it, so we must work to extend its life by reducing the amount of waste we send to landfill. Secondly, organic waste, comprised primarily of food waste and food-soiled paper from businesses, households, and institutions, represents the largest component of waste sent to the landfill – a whopping 35-40 percent.
Some residents may already be composting, and we encourage you to continue to do so. However, there may be materials that are accepted in the Green Bin that folks aren’t currently composting at home, such as meat or fish.
Our Strategic Plan incorporates a strategy to achieve sustainable solid waste management in the next few years by:
• Updating and implementing the Regional Organics Diversion Strategy, including curbside collection services, an outreach and education program and organics ban from landfill.
• Developing options for long-term solid waste management for garbage, recycling and organics that will meet our future needs.
• Reviewing the current Solid Waste Management Plan and updating the plan with future waste disposal strategies.
This year, Waste Reduction Week is taking place from Oct. 19 to 25. This is a Canada-wide annual program focused on the principles of circular economy, resource efficiency, and waste reduction. We are inviting residents to celebrate this week by committing to reduce waste, conserve resources, and help the environment. All of us have an important role to play in reducing
The SCRD Board is very excited to implement a curbside Green Bin program. I am confident residents will embrace the program to the fullest and make it a success.
You can find more information about the Green Bin program by visiting
Thank you for doing your part!

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