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Many writers reading

Many writers reading

As part of its birthday celebrations, the Sunshine Coast Arts Council will host an evening of readings by your favourite local writers on Dec. 3. The Council is marking 50 years of serving the arts and the people of the Coast, and its Author Readings Series is one of its oldest and most successful programs. The Arts Council was home to the Writers’ Forge group who launched Sechelt’s celebrated Festival of the Written Arts, which highlights our summer, while individual readings at the Arts Centre keep the literary flame alight for the rest of the year.

So come out and help your Arts Council celebrate decades of hosting the best of Canadian writers from here and from across Canada. Join a group of the Coast’s finest writers, from elders of the tribe like Howard White to younger writers just coming into their own like Rebecca Hendry, Cathie MacLean, and Joe Denham, recently short-listed for the Governor General’s Award for poetry. Other writers reading include Jan DeGrass, Kristjana Gunnars, Theresa Kishkan, Rosella Leslie, John Pass, Andreas Schroeder and Susan Telfer.

Enjoy an evening of readings, conversation, refreshments, including a cash bar, and a special half-time entertainment in which Andreas Schroeder presents the most amazing literary awards. Saturday Dec. 3, 7:30pm at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre, Trail and Medusa. Admission $10, with the proceeds to help the Council carry on serving the arts.


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