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Mayor Milne: reconciliation with shíshálh is key

Mayor Milne: reconciliation with shíshálh is key

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Sechelt Mayor Bruce Milne

For my first Mayor’s Message, I want to share a snapshot of the thoughts I expressed at the Inaugural Council meeting. I encourage members of the public to listen to the audio recording or access my full remarks, both of which are available on You can also request a copy from the District Office.

The first issue I spoke on was Sechelt’s Act of Recognition; a commitment to reconciliation with and recognition of the shíshálh people. This Act was long overdue and the commitment to honour it needs to continue and expand  traditional territory and aboriginal title is the foundation on which our community is built. It is the foundation on which everything else rests – crown title, fee simple ownership and our economy. If we do not recognize the foundation of aboriginal title, and reconcile what we have with that foundation, then what we have built on that foundation is completely at risk. If the foundation shifts, everything built on it may fall. The future of Sechelt depends upon the past, the present and the future of the shíshálh Nation. That is why reconciliation is so important for us all.

A different kind of reconciliation is needed within our own community. Sechelt needs to learn how to disagree and manage differences. We need to learn to embrace difference and diversity as strengths and not view these as something to eliminate. We need to voice opinions and viewpoints with respect and to listen to the opinions and views of others in more open and trusting ways. As Mayor, I am committed to supporting the growth of these essential qualities within our community.

I also reflected on the need for increased care and compassion within our community. When we fill our lives with compassion, there is no room for anger, selfishness or disregard for others. If we live our lives with compassion and take care with how we live, Sechelt and the world will be a better place. This is something I believe we all hope for and it is why we take the trouble to vote in local elections. My commitment to all, and the commitment of every Councillor you have chosen to guide our community over the next four years, is to take care of our community, to seriously care about what we do and how we do it.

In return I want our residents to take care of our Council; to encourage us when we are tired and strengthen us when we are weak. Care for your Council, with compassion, so that Council can take care of our community.

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