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Meteor shower and eclipse this month

Meteor shower and eclipse this month

There will be two spectacular shows in the skies above this month, one during the night, and one during the day.

The Perseid meteor shower happens on Sat., August 12. It peaks during daylight hours (1pm) but continues on into the evening. Our observatory at Sechelt airport will be open that night at 9:30pm for public viewing. Come watch meteors with us.

The first total solar eclipse in North America in 28 years happens   Monday morning, August 21. We’ll be setting up solar scopes to view sunspots and solar flares on the seawall in Davis Bay at 8am on that day. We’ll have lots of solar eclipse glasses for safe viewing of the eclipse, which at our latitude will be an 86 per cent eclipse. To view the totality, you have to be in the path of the moon’s shadow on the earth: that passes over Salem, Oregon that morning.

These events are free; donations gratefully accepted.


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