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More flu vaccines in the coming weeks

More flu vaccines in the coming weeks

Getting your flu shot this year will look quite a bit different than in the past and may not be as easy. One noticeable change is that most pharmacies require people to book an appointment in advance rather than walk-in, and everyone is required to wear a mask.
Vaccines started arriving in pharmacies last week, but if you haven’t already made your appointment, you could be in for a wait. London Drugs in Gibsons, for example, has been telling its customers to book ahead online for weeks. They were booking into mid-November, and now, according to their website, all available appointments are currently booked.
But don’t panic. In the words of Dr. Bonnie Henry, “There will be lots of vaccine available and it’ll be coming over the next few weeks. It is important for those who are most at risk or for healthcare workers, people who are spending time with people who are most at risk to be immunized first.”
The Province ordered two million doses of flu vaccine this year, 450,000 more than normal.
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