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Mount Elphinstone is dear to many

Mount Elphinstone is dear to many

The community has spoken: the entire 1,500Ha proposed park expansion area on the lower slopes of Mt. Elphinstone, needs to be protected. Ravaged by cutblocks since the late 1990s, it’s time to put away the chainsaws, manage the tree farms, and respect the natural, intact forests that are left, where it’s biodiversity flows from. Sunshine Coast folks have a lot of appreciation for their public forest lands. BCTS is welcome to come and talk to the community about plans to manage existing tree farms in the Forest District. We support a broader range of forest values. First and foremost is the protection of these forests that have never been subjected to the destructive forces of clearcut logging. The future is now.

To access the ‘Forest-Sign Trail’ drive up the B & K Rd (off Hwy 101), pass the power lines, take the next left onto the Roberts-Flume FSR. Continue straight up, past the Elphinstone Health Trail sign. At the top this road turns to the left across a bridge. Then take the next right (smaller road) or park at bottom and walk up through an old cutblock. Keep on this narrow road until you re-enter the forest and in two minutes. you’ll see the trailhead on the left. Its a one-way trail that takes approx. 30 mins. When you get back home, pls email BCTS’ Senior Forest Planner Norm Kempe and instruct him to cancel logging Cutblock #87126. norm.

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