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Museum oral history program highlights LGBTQ2 experiences

Museum oral history program highlights LGBTQ2 experiences

This summer, we have a number of exciting archival projects taking place to preserve the diverse histories of the Sunshine Coast. 2018 marks the revitalization of our oral history program, where museum staff record audio interviews with individuals about their experiences on the Coast. The interview process is best described as sitting down and having a conversation with someone about the people, places and events of their life.  The end result is an audio recording that is transcribed and preserved in the museum’s archives for future generations. With the consent of the interviewee, the recording and transcript are made available for research, exhibits, and other outreach activities to promote the history of our region.

As part of the oral history revitalization, we are excited to announce the “Pride History Project”, which will focus on recording interviews with members of LGBTQ2 community for preservation in the archives. The project launch, which coincides with Sunshine Coast Pride (May 30-June 30), will help to document the often-hidden histories of LGBTQ2 community members on the Sunshine Coast. Museum volunteers will assist in conducting the audio interviews, gaining valuable experience and contributing to the preservation of this important coastal history.

The Pride History Project began as a collaboration with Sunday in the Park with Pride Society who worked with museum staff to plan the project. Come out to the official launch on Sunday, June 24 at Mission Point, noon to 4pm, for Sunday in the Park with Pride, to learn more about the project, and to sign up to participate. We will be looking for volunteers who might be interested in conducting interviews, as well as people who would like to be interviewed for the project. Happy Sunshine Coast Pride 2018 everyone.

If you would like to take part in our oral history program and/or the Pride History Project, please contact the museum. 604-886-8232

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