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Needed: A few good mentors

Needed: A few good mentors

Live and Learn is looking for people who jar their own jam, bake bread, raise chickens in the backyard or sharpen their own knives.

After an amazing five and half years of success, the Live and Learn program is ready for a few new mentors.  Do you know someone in our community with unique and/or amazing food-related skills?  Skills such as gathering, growing, processing, repairing equipment or anything food and nature-related?  We may be able to invite them to receive training and support in sharing their skills with others in our community by becoming a Live and Learn Mentor. Live and Learn provides training to develop classes, demonstrations and workshops based on the Mentors’ skills.  We find venues for the classes, advertise for participants and support them during the actual events. Mentors also receive a $100 honorarium per class for giving classes.

Everyone is welcome! Live and Learn prioritizes skilled residents of the lower Sunshine Coast who are elders, single parents, people with disabilities, or under-employed adults for mentor training. To date we have over 65 mentors.  We only need 6 more this year and we need your help!

Send your suggestions to  You can reach us by calling Justin at 604-741-2347.


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