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New Coast healthcare website launched

New Coast healthcare website launched

The Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice is pleased to announce the launch of FETCH (For Everything That’s Community Health). FETCH is a community web-based resource that helps the public and healthcare providers access comprehensive information about community health and social services on the Sunshine Coast.

FETCH is a non-commercial, searchable website designed for public use available at: It provides valuable information to individuals and families in a user-friendly format. It includes information about resources that can support people of all ages, including mental health and substance use services, home care support, services for First Nations peoples and more.

“The FETCH resource is an excellent tool for people of all ages, as well as for doctors supporting their patients in their overall health and well-being,” said Health Minister Terry Lake. “Having this community-specific information readily accessible helps people get the care and support they may need, close to home.”

The division heard in physician and community engagement events that heath care providers do not always know about all the support services that could benefit their patients. The division also heard from community members that navigating the services can be difficult. The introduction of FETCH aims to improve patients’ experience navigating the system, and to contribute to meeting their overall health needs.

FETCH is one of the projects undertaken by the Sunshine Coast Division as part of its local work on A GP for Me, a provincial program jointly funded by the Government of BC and Doctors of BC. A GP for Me aims to strengthen the health care system by supporting the relationship between patients and family doctors and building capacity in the local healthcare system. Twelve other B.C. communities have also introduced a FETCH website to help the public and health care providers find local resources.

While the Sunshine Coast Division is initiating FETCH, it is based on a principle of individual content ownership. Agencies participating in FETCH take responsibility for adding and maintaining their own content, based on the criteria listed on the site. Community health and social service agencies are able to update and enhance their information with pertinent information. Agencies who wish to be a part of FETCH can contact the Sunshine Coast Division of Family Practice.

The Sunshine Coast FETCH website is currently available and listings will continue to be added on an ongoing basis to build a robust community resource. Members of the public are invited to offer the Division general feedback and suggestions about information on health or social service resources they would like to access, or already access frequently and would like to see listed or enhanced.


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