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New Coast observatory opens June 27

New Coast observatory opens June 27

In 2004 we began as the Sunshine Coast Astronomy Club with a dream of one day building an observatory in order to provide public access to skies and give local astronomers the ability to do useful scientific observations. Many years were spent planning and fund raising and in April 2008 we became the Sunshine Coast Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

In 2013 we started construction of our observatory, and are now adding the final touches. We will be having an official opening ceremony of the Sunshine Coast Centre’s new astronomical observatory at 4pm on Saturday, June 27. This is a ceremony for local dignitaries, our 57 members, and supporters. Our observatory is located at the Sunshine Coast Regional Airport, and the entrance is from the gate at the top of Field Road in Wilson Creek.

Once it gets dark we will have our “first light” ceremony where we use the telescope for viewing for the first time. Soon we will have a trained users group and will start scheduling public viewing sessions and star parties for community groups. We would be pleased if you could join us on this momentous occasion.


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