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New Float at Porpoise Bay Dock

New Float at Porpoise Bay Dock

A more environmentally and user-friendly float is now open at the public boat launch area of Sechelt’s Porpoise Bay Government Dock.

The new structure replaces an aging wood float, which rested on the sea bed at low tides. Contact with the ocean habitat by the treated wood float was identified as a concern by the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The new float is made of marine grade polyethylene and is held in place by steel pilings. While it may also contact bottom during low tides, use of the more modern materials combined with a greatly reduced contact area brings a net gain to the marine environment.

“People should find it easier to get in and out of boats using the new float. It adjusts more easily to changing tides, allowing people to step from watercraft directly to the float at or very near the same level,” said Sechelt Mayor John R. Henderson.” Additions can be made to the new float system to expand the size and to accommodate persons with mobility impairments. Sechelt can consider making such additions in future budget years,” said Henderson.

The new float system was purchased from Kinship Maritime and pile-driving services were provided by Diversified Marine, both of Sechelt. Installation was completed more quickly than anticipated, with the public boat ramp closed or just over four hours on June 25.


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