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New ops building

New ops building

District of Sechelt council is seeking electoral approval through the Alternative Approval Process (APP) to borrow $3 million to build a new operations building, which is to be repaid through MORE personal taxation.
Response forms for those who oppose the loan must be received no later than Feb. 26 at 4pm.
Council needs to realize that the taxpayers are carrying too much burden already. Response forms for those in opposition to the $3 million loan should be made more available and advertised so that everyone knows how to have their voice heard.
The Chamber of Commerce has offered a way to avoid the $3 million loan. By selling the existing location, Municipal Hall could be relocated along Dusty Road, joining with the rebuilt Public Works building. The sale could allow for much-needed housing, and this would make city business more consolidated and offer a building that would be more user friendly to the public. But our current mayor does not see it this way. Mayor Siegers cites the lack of convenience and bus route. Infrastructure such as sidewalks and bus service should and would be a part of this much more affordable plan.
Looking to the future, this area of Sechelt is already developing and beautifying with water walkways, street lighting, sidewalks and landscaping, and business services.
I’ve submitted my opposition form and fully support the Chamber of Commerce initiative. A sound and sensible solution that also helps avoid paying MORE taxes.
West Sechelt

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