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New policies guide resource management for shíshálh Nation

New policies guide resource management for shíshálh Nation

The shíshálh Nation’s recently-adopted policies on aquaculture, water, and medicinal plants throughout shíshálh territory, are designed to supplement the shíshálh Nation Lands and Resources Decision-Making Policy – providing factors and standards that will guide all decision-making pertaining to critical resources in shíshálh Territory. The policies state they are “developed to reflect and carry forward the sacred trust we hold for current and future generations of the shíshálh People, in a manner which respects our customary laws, Title and Rights, international legal standards, and the common law.” The policies can be accessed at

The Land and Resources Decision-Making Policy is being actively implemented, and has met with widespread praise by industry, local government, and other First Nations.

Calvin Craigan, Chief of the shíshálh Nation, explains that “We are the stewards of the lands and resources of our New policies guide resource management for shíshálh Nation Territory, and hold sacred responsibilities for generations past, present, and future. Our Decision-Making Policy, and the supplemental policies we are now announcing on critical resources are fundamental aspects of upholding those stewardship responsibilities. These policies reflect how we will approach protection, and responsible development, of our Territory.” Craigan also noted that “the Crown, proponents, and the general public all benefit from the open door and transparent window we are providing on how decisions will be made, and the critical standards and factors that inform those decisions. Through that openness understanding is built, clarity is provided and responsible and respectful decisions can be made. I encourage everyone to study these policies, talk to us about them, and engage with us as our decision-making process moves forward.”

Additional policies are being developed on a number of other critical resources and matters, and will be announced in the future.


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