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New record for doctors recruited in BC

British Columbia recruited a record 268 physicians in 2012 from across Canada and internationally as part of efforts to improve access to quality health care for BC families.
They represent a 24 per cent increase over 2011, when 218 physicians were successfully placed by Health Match BC. The previous record was in 2010, when 256 physicians were placed.
“Recruiting additional physicians is one of the ways we are working to ensure patients have access to health-care services in their community, both family doctors and specialists,” said Health Minister Margaret MacDiarmid. “I would like to congratulate Health Match BC and the regional health authorities for working so hard to successfully match these well-trained physicians to our communities.”
In addition, 2012 also saw a significant increase in the number of physicians being recruited to rural or remote communities, thanks to concerted efforts to market and promote the benefits of British Columbia’s diverse and attractive areas. Overall results for family physicians, emergency physicians, psychiatrists, anaesthesiologists, radiologists, hospitalists, paediatricians and general internal medicine specialists all improved over the previous year.
“I am very pleased with these results, which demonstrate that Health Match BC, in collaboration with our partners in the health authorities, the Divisions of Family Practice and individual community practices, has had its strongest year ever,” said John Mabbott, executive director of Health Match BC.
Highlights of 268 physicians recruited in 2012 include:
• 102 physicians were matched to underserved rural/remote communities.
• 133 family physicians were matched, with 69 (52 per cent) of those to rural/remote communities.
• 135 specialists were matched, with 33 (24 per cent) of those to rural/remote communities.
“I was looking for the best place to set up my practice, where I felt I could truly make a difference in my community, and enjoy a high quality of life with my family,” said Dr. Hemang Dave, an internal medicine/geriatrics physician recruited to Surrey.
Health Match BC is a division of the Health Employers Association of British Columbia. Created by the Province to recruit physicians nationally and internationally, it has attracted family physicians to underserved communities throughout B.C. It works in partnership with the Ministry of Health, all health authorities, regulatory agencies, UBC faculty of medicine, and other community and health-sector stakeholders to help achieve the best possible results. Since its inception in 1999, Health Match BC has filled 2,450 physician vacancies.

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