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New Year’s discoveries at the library

New Year’s discoveries at the library

The office paper-cutter has been transformed into the office dessert table…macaroons, muffins, truffles, cake, brownies, cookies…and that’s just the last two days. On the shelf above my desk is a donated cookbook with recipes to help you “get thin.” New Year’s is right around the corner. It’s easy to start making plans to get more exercise, eat less sugar. To think, “Next year will be different.” But I’m old enough now to recognize that when it comes to that chocolate ganache next to me, there’s no time like the present. Interpret that however you like.

Instead of renewing the never-ending “battle of the bulge” this January, how about turning outward – what do you want to discover this year? Of course, a library columnist is going to recommend borrowing a book, and since your free membership card gives you access to almost any book in a BC library, there’s no shortage of subjects to choose from. But with more than 40 databases, the Gibsons Public Library is also a gateway to a whole world of digital resources. How about learning how to ask directions in Farsi (Mango Languages), fixing your own lawnmower in time for spring (Small Engine Repair Clymer Manuals), or tracing your family history (Ancestry Library Edition)? Or maybe 2019 is the year you learn the names of all those seaweeds you see at the beach on your daily dog walk (KnowBC Online).

These databases are accessible through our website (go to “online resources”), but if you need a little more assistance, stop by and ask a friendly librarian for help – that’s what we’re here for. And there’s no need to bring cookies or cake or muffins or truffles or brownies. Or macaroons. Honest. But you can if you want.

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