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No scents makes sense

No scents makes sense

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity-Chemical Injury (MCS) is a chronic condition caused by one toxic event or an accumulation of a number of toxic triggers. MCS brings life almost to a halt; the ability to do even the most mundane and normal everyday things become challenging, and sufferers cannot socialize, go to concerts, movies, events, luncheons, church, dinners, the homes of others, invite people into their own homes, most cannot fly or travel on public transport. Even hugging becomes dangerous! While hundreds of products are toxic, the unregulated synthetic fragrances in perfume, laundry and body products are the ones that prevent people with chemical injury from living normal lives the most. With each toxic encounter and subsequent severe illness, unseen internal damage is slowly being done. When ill from such encounters, people with MCS hide away, eventually re-emerging seemingly normal, physically and emotionally, so it is difficult for others to really understand what this illness is: that their body’s ability to break down further toxins is gone, so additional exposures cause more injury and worsening reactions.

MCS is designated as an official disability under the Human Rights Act and should be accorded all such rights wherever possible. However this is rarely done or understood, and most with MCS sufferers do not have the energy or wellness to fight for their own rights. Chemical injury is increasingly prevalent in today’s society, with an estimated 10 per cent of the world’s population now suffering. There are studies and increasing suspicion that growing childhood conditions stem in varying degrees from the overload of toxic chemicals in our lives. These beliefs have yet to be empirically proven, but the evidence is growing.

Buying and using fragrance- free products helps send a message to corporations and can be a first step to making the world a safer place for yourself, your children, your pets, as well as those living with MCS.

Submitted by Valerie Pusey

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