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No to airport  expansion

No to airport expansion

The airport expansion is an unnecessary expense in these times of tight budgets. I understand that some of the money is coming from grants, but that is still public money being spent, no matter the source. Supporting the growth of flight capabilities in this area is retrograde in terms of environmental actions and policies. We are at the end of unlimited growth. Perhaps the latest real estate boom is wetting the lips of all the developers in Sechelt, but that does not mean these expansionist policies are best for everyone. What about plans to increase social housing or improve food security? No, let’s go ahead and plan for an airport expansion when we already have two viable transportation services to the Coast.
I also see no recent information on the cost/benefit of this expansion. Information from the 2014 study lists six hotels planned, but to my knowledge, none of them are even close to completion, if, in fact, they even started or are still in the plan. Surely you would want to have an updated cost-benefit before proceeding?
Have there been any studies on the impact of increased noise or air pollution on public health? The only thing I see in the 2014 airport study is a vaguely worded “No significant environmental impact from the proposed infrastructure development of air service is envisaged.” It doesn’t look like there was any consideration of the negative effects. A quick google search shows up all sorts of impacts of airport flight paths on communities and farms.
John Davies, Sechelt

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