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Nohr: Getting a new view of the healthcare system

Nohr: Getting a new view of the healthcare system

ColumnHead-GarryNohrOf my 12 summers as director of Halfmoon Bay, this one has been the most unusual. While on an intended fact-finding trip to Powell River, concerning ferries and incineration of invasive plants, as many of you now know, I suffered a heart attack.

This is not an experience I would recommend, but as one who has served as vice chair of the Sunshine Coast Regional Hospital District Board for several years, it did give me an opportunity to observe our health care system from a different point of view. As a patient at St. Paul’s Hospital, in Vancouver, I have found that hospital boards are out of touch with daily health care operations. A discussion with one highly placed cardiac doctor confirmed this view, as the doctor pointed out that the core need is to bring the boards at the top and the grass roots medical practitioners closer together. This realization will underpin my questions and approach to matters that come before our own district hospital board in the future.

In my absence from regular duties during July, I have been represented at board meetings by my alternate for Area B, Halfmoon Bay, Brian Smith, while Frank Mauro, director of Area A, Pender Harbour, has fulfilled his role as my vice chair of the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD). The SCRD board does not meet in August.

People have been commenting on the recent overcast skies, the result of forest fires in the interior of the province. Smoke in the atmosphere is a reminder that a campfire ban is in place throughout the Sunshine Coast. Restrictions also apply to certain cooking, heating, and lighting devices. For detailed information, contact your nearest fire department. Compliments to members of our regional fire departments for assisting with firefighting efforts in the interior.

As summer moves into the August holiday, I am looking back at the history of the SCRD, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. In the inaugural year, 1967, the district elected the first directors; adopted building, plumbing, and sewage disposal bylaws; and established the functions of regional and community planning, contracting services, local works and services, and solid waste disposal. The SCRD website includes a selection of original maps and documents illustrating the early years. To learn more about your district’s history, start at:

Finally, on a local note, the Coopers Green Hall Advisory Committee has recently been selected and will be moving forward on building design and fundraising projects for the new community hall.

Please contact me at 604-741-2427 or email if you wish to discuss SCRD programs or plans.

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  1. As the old story goes; if the CEO isn’t talking to the Janitor, then management has absolutely no idea of the condition of the organization.

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