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Nohr: Halfmoon Bay – great place to live and work

Nohr: Halfmoon Bay – great place to live and work

Halfmoon Bay is one of the five rural areas in the Sunshine Coast Regional District (SCRD). In addition to beautiful ocean views of the coast and neighboring islands, Halfmoon Bay has enterprises that employ a local workforce. For example, a hydro dam, independent power plants, and logging operations help create a strong tax base.

Halfmoon Bay offers a number of community advantages. Many people move to the area because of the great work done by the staff at Halfmoon Bay elementary school, which is ranked high in the province. For those with additional ties to other locales, improvements to SCRD docks are underway to facilitate travel to nearby islands. Further, plans are in place for building the new hall at Coopers Green. Citizens have worked to raise funds for this project, which makes one proud to live in a community with such initiative.

As the Halfmoon Bay elected representative for the past 13 years, my role is promoting the community and working to make daily life as enjoyable as possible. This commitment entails monitoring the Official Community Plan (OCP) to ensure the compliance of all local projects. As a member of the hospital board, I have also helped facilitate renovations to the Sechelt Hospital (which, despite its proximity to Sechelt, is actually in Halfmoon Bay…ask me about that). One of my strongest commitments has been to help the community have a viable library in Sechelt. I would like to thank the chief librarian and staff for the work they have done to expand and improve the library.

The current concern of most people in Halfmoon Bay is to see something done about our drinking water – right now, not later. With the help of all local governments, the SCRD is moving forward to implement an effective solution that would include an emergency drought management system, a man-made reservoir with a storage of at least a million gallons, and a series of wells to add water to the system. Many people have informed staff of how pleased they are that water meters have been put in place, creating a 15-per-cent reduction in water use. This number will be greater when water meters are in place throughout Sechelt. I have until October of this year to finish my term, and I hope we will be working on all the options of the Comprehensive Water Plan. The immediate challenge is to obtain all the provincial ministry permits necessary to move forward.

I am available to meet residents and discuss these and other community matters on Tuesdays, 10:30am, at the Welcome Woods Market, and on Fridays, 10:30am, at the Halfmoon Bay Cafe.

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