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Nothing Common about Julia

Nothing Common about Julia

On Wednesday, April 16 at 7:30pm at Heritage Playhouse, the Gibsons Garden Club is hosts a special evening with guest speaker Julia Common, CEO and Chief Beekeeper of ‘Hives for Humanity’, a Vancouver-based non-profit organization with a mandate to enhance community through apiculture. The group offers therapeutic beekeeping mentorship programs in partnership with organizations in the Downtown East Side (DTES).

Members of Hives for Humanity recently opened the overwintered colonies, noting in their newsletter it’s “not an easy wait when the bees give us so much joy and are such a beautiful meditation.” They reported “bubbling hives, fresh frames of healthy brood, dancing bees, pollen laden workers, laying queens, new comb already filling with fresh nectar and pollen, and then that incredible aroma of the hive that enters the very soul.” Expect an inspiring evening.

The Playhouse seats 145 people, the Club has 150 members, and they’re expecting a good turn out!  Non-members can purchase tickets ($10 each)

Heather Jeal

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