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Of octopus salad and kelp flakes

Of octopus salad and kelp flakes

Chef Tom Kral explains the menu to diners at Persephone Brewery. To his left is chef Anne Meyers. Cari Miller photo

Persephone food truck and Farm to Feast chef Ann Meyers partnered with Nature’s Chef, Tom Kral visiting from Sooke on Vancouver Island, to create a memorable four-course dinner from the West Coast’s bounty.

About 30 people paid $95 each for the feast at the Persephone Brewery in Gibsons Aug. 16.

First on the menu was marinated octopus (caught by a Roberts Creek fisher around the islands of Haida Gwaii) salad with a dressing made of spruce, rosemary and nasturtium vinaigrette, followed by a roasted tomato gazpacho with spot prawns (also caught by the same Creek fisher), pickled bull kelp and bachelor buttons.

The main course consisted of locally-farmed sturgeon (smoked) with spot prawn bisque, kelp kraut, kelp flakes and uni butter.

Dessert was a flavour explosion with parts salal berries and grand fir.

Cari Miller

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