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Offensive cartoon

Offensive cartoon

(Re: “Weekly Cartoon,” the Local, Dec. 10)
Your editorial cartoon of last week was several things, but funny, inoffensive and sensitive it was not. I presume you are using the words ‘in mass’ as a play on the phrase ‘en masse.’ Hmm. Witty. The lack of understanding and sensitivity to Christianity or religion, in general, is apparent. I’d also say your awareness of the sources of infections is lacking. As of Dec. 1, there had not been one case of a transmission tracked to a Mass service in BC. I cannot vouch for any other religious services, but our two Catholic churches have been rigorous about masks, social distancing and surface cleaning. We were permitted up to 50 people until the recent lockdown that prohibited all religious gatherings, despite this attention to keep both our parishioners and our community safe.
While I am glad restaurants, bars, retail outlets and most businesses are permitted to stay open, given the zero-infection rate from Masses throughout BC, I do question the lack of sensitivity and rationale for stopping all religious services. Why punish those who are doing things properly? For many of us, especially the elderly, the Sunday celebrations were a way of gathering with people in our community. I wonder whether you would be as cavalier with your satire if you were dealing with a group from another religion or a visible minority. I suspect not.
I also wonder if you are aware of the annual Christmas and Easter Community dinners, hosted by the Christian churches and their volunteers. We believe we have a responsibility to care for others, especially those who may not have family here, are lonely, depressed, or cannot afford a Christmas dinner. Or who just want to be part of a socially distanced community gathering. With that in mind, I suspect most of our prayers are often for others, not ourselves. Another misrepresentation in the cartoon. That dinner is Dec. 20 at the Gibsons Legion, by the way. Perhaps you would like to join us. You’d be more than welcome.
Peter Moonen,
Roberts Creek

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