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On phones, logging

On phones, logging

I would like to first sincerely thank Susan Fletcher for her succinct letter about cell phones (the Local, Jan. 16), and how they damage the male reproductive system. My uncle has, for over 20 years, warned his children and myself of how unsafe it is to press these phones against our temples, or carry them in our pockets. As a woman who would like to become a mother, to share the joys of this world with a new best friend (as my own mother would say), and honour my own and my partner’s ancestry proudly, there are many factors of the future which terrify me. To be educated is to be afraid, and angry. To stand up for my rights, is futile without a lot more support. 

As a biologist I see, even in my small community, big companies can still, despite our confident and well-voiced disapproval, step in and cut down a cleverly concealed mountainside of trees above us that retain our water, maintain ground stability, manage temperature, sequester C02, and house our fellow creatures. No other problem will remain relevant in the face of extreme drought and subsequent flash floods when the rain comes. Thank you everyone for every wake-up call. May we be self-honest enough to accept the truth that worldwide, community agency has crumbled.  

Rowan McEwen, Gibsons

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