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Our libraries reflect our communities

Our libraries reflect our communities

Many people have told me the Gibsons & District Public Library is special. They comment on the amazing view, the dynamic events and the friendly staff. But I would like to point out that a library is a reflection of the communities it serves. For example, although I coordinated many adult or all-ages events here, most are only made possible by committed volunteers who want to share their cultures through language groups and cultural events, their expertise through lectures and slideshows, or their passion for learning and teaching with bridge club, repair cafe, death cafe, writing groups and more. All of these programs rely on the creativity and generosity of community volunteers; because our community is blessed with so many highly engaged, informed and talented individuals, our library is blessed with engaging, informative and inspiring programs.

I’ll be leaving my role as the Gibsons & District Public Library’s Community Outreach Coordinator at the end of this month in order to pursue other projects. Working at this library among such dedicated, intelligent and thoughtful colleagues has been an enormous privilege. In staff meetings or around the communal treat table in the office, this dynamic group of individuals discusses everything from our rights and responsibilities around intellectual freedom and the library’s role in upholding democracy to enabling community conversations about climate change and many other topics, big and small. Regardless of the task at hand, the role of the library in enriching our lives and connecting our communities is never far from anyone’s mind. How many jobs can offer such a humbling sense of purpose? I will soon have the privilege of enjoying the library simply as a patron, watching all the amazing things the community, board and staff do to nurture this special place.

See you at the library.

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