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Outdoor art gallery in Gibsons proposed

Outdoor art gallery in Gibsons proposed

Local artist Elizabeth Evans and her husband William Baker will be approaching Town of Gibsons Council at its May 6 meeting for approval to install a proposed outdoor art ‘gallery’ of large hand painted panels attached to free standing wooden structures on public lands and on building walls.  “Unlike outdoor murals which are permanent, we intend to change the artwork on the panels every year,” Baker stated. Outdoor art ‘galleries’ such as the US-based ‘Paint the City’ and ‘Art Everywhere’ initiatives are an emerging trend, while the ‘Murals of Chemainus’ are a well-known tourist draw. Baker indicates the Gibsons Outdoor Art Gallery would be unique in that the artwork will be changed regularly in much the same manner as an indoor gallery.

“We are not requesting public funds for the project but instead will carry out a crowd funding program to raise the money needed for the initial installations.  Thereafter the program will be sponsor supported,” stated Baker.

“We will work with the local arts community to generate interest by artists who will create artwork for the outdoor gallery,” said Evans.  “Proposed artwork will be selected by a qualified jury from submissions by local artists,” she added. “In addition, the artwork will be auctioned off at the end of each year and the artists will receive a large part of the proceeds.”

“We see this as a wonderful way to feature local artists in a venue that is highly visible and one which we believe will generate a great deal more exposure for visual art,” said Baker.  “It will also become a popular tourist attraction as the number of art panels grows.”

“As the cost of travelling to the Sunshine Coast increases, we need to continually offer something unique to visitors in order to attract them,” said Baker. “We believe that an outdoor art gallery featuring exhibitions by our talented local artists would provide another compelling reason for tourists to visit.”


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