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Outraged by LNG?

Outraged by LNG?

Outrage is growing at the prospect of an LNG facility at Woodfibre and 1000’ LNG Supertankers transit- ing the shipping route to and from that site through the waters of Howe Sound and Georgia/Haro Straits. These are not small freight- ers that we are all familiar

with and the LNG infra- structure (tankers and facili- ties) is considered Class A Hazard.

SIGTTO sets interna- tional standards for the industry but they must be legislated and enforced by Government. One standard is that siting for an LNG fa- cility should not be in a nar- row inland waterway, close to population centres and with considerable marine traffic. Howe Sound and the Georgia/Haro Straits fit this description.

In 2008, the UBCM passedaresolutionrequest- ing the Canadian Govern- ment ban LNG tanker traffic along the Georgia/ Haro Straits. The Regional Districts and Municipalities along the route that sup- ported that request consider it to still be in effect.

People need to be in- formed about this issue and what is being considered for our waters or it will be too late to stop it. The first pub- lic comment period is now underway: June 12 – July11. More information: www.

Laurie Parkinson
Boyer Island, Howe Sound 

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