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Editor’s Note: The attached letter was addressed to the Woodfibre LNG Project and copied to The Local Weekly for publication.

Woodfibre LNG has just announced it’s second round of public info sessions, all taking place in the Sea to Sky corridor. Four information meetings at Squamish, one at Whistler, and one at Furry Creek. The Sunshine Coast was not included on the last go round of information to the public, and now again. This is outrageous!!

Your website (http:// project-overviewdocument/) states “Woodfibre LNG will undertake thorough and meaningful consultation with local government, communities and other stakeholders throughout the development of the Woodfibre LNG Project. This commitment means that we strive to engage a thorough understanding of the project and to obtain local input into key features during planning and development.”

These statements are meaningless unless you follow through. We, residents of the Sunshine Coast, will be directly affected by the activities at the proposed Woodfibre LNG site. We will experience all the concerns around disturbance to the environment on land, and water in the Howe Sound area. We will be affected by huge LNG tankers causing any interruption to BC Ferry schedules, marine transport, fishing, and pleasure craft enjoyment, plus island cottage marine travel back and forth to mainland. Why is the Sunshine Coast purposely being ignored in this information session for the public?

Vel Anderson, Gibsons

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