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Oyas for The Greenhouse at Davis Bay Elementary

Oyas for The Greenhouse at Davis Bay Elementary

In another philanthropic project, art and community work together around food to make life better for families and children. During the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl, Davis Bay Elementary and Sechelt Sustainable Community (SSC) are co-­fundraising for a greenhouse which will be used for educating students about how to grow healthy food. Oyas for The Greenhouse at Davis Bay Elementary event at Art Crawl will take place at SSC Properties during the Art Crawl weekend, Friday – Sunday, October 21, 22 and 23.

Once Davis Bay Elementary gets their greenhouse, students can learn about biology, agriculture, water management, seed-saving and more, while getting their hands dirty growing delicious and healthy vegetables. But the potential for The Greenhouse at this elementary school reaches much further, bringing the entire school and community together in collaborative school projects.

The Greenhouse Project is evolving and will be made possible due to the combined efforts of many parent volunteers, ongoing fundraising, and an assortment of private contributions. These significant commitments already include the structure itself, many of the required materials, delivery of the structure and materials to the site, land clearing, and construction coordination. The end result will take a currently unused portion of the school property and turn it into a significant asset for the school and community.

In preparation for the fundraiser at the Art Crawl, Sechelt Sustainable Community has purchased a number of Oyas from a Wilson Creek manufacturer, Alexander Goods. Oyas are large bottles made of terracotta clay, designed to be partly buried in the ground in the center of a garden and filled with water. This encourages the plants to grow deep roots as the water seeps through the clay, providing irrigation at a time of drought and saving water.

At Art Crawl, funds will be raised by the sale of student decorated and designed Oyas. This will help to fund The Greenhouse.

Caitlin Hicks

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