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Disappointed buyers commonplace

It was a busy October to start Q4 on the Sunshine Coast. Low inventory and high demand saw many sellers enjoying multiple offers and sales over asking price. Disappointed buyers were commonplace, especially those trying to do it on their own or without using a local realtor as their buyer’s agent. Here is how the ... Read More »

Tips for making a smooth transition for your pet

Moving to a new house is one of the most stressful things we do. Hiring a realtor to help will reduce a human’s stress but not their dog or cat’s. Here are some tips for making a move as smooth as possible for our furry friends: Pack early Pack as much as you can ahead ... Read More »

Housing Market finishes strong

It was a busy September that capped off a strong finish to the quarter on BCs Sunshine Coast. September year-over-year comparison is as follows: September 2019 saw 66 total sales – 35 of them were single-family detached, and the average price of those homes was $728,500. The average time on market was 90 days, and ... Read More »

Tips to increase value of your home

I expect the Sunshine Coast market to start slowing down over the next few weeks and, if there is another shut down due to COVID-19 over the winter, the 2021 spring market could be busier than we have ever seen. Summer may have only just turned to fall, but if you’re considering putting your property ... Read More »

No shortage of schools on the Sunshine Coast

If you’re considering moving your family to BC’s Sunshine Coast, know that there’s no shortage of schools. Local School District 46 is well known for the quality of its schools, teachers and programs. There are a total of nine elementary schools with locations stretching from Langdale to Madeira Park. They go from kindergarten up-to-and-including grade ... Read More »

Multiple offers commonplace

The madness continues on the Sunshine Coast. Multiple offers are now commonplace, and pretty much any detached home in Gibsons under $500,000 likely won’t last one day without an offer. Not having to catch the ferry has opened our market up to young families that are attracted to the opportunity to own a detached home ... Read More »

Realtors follow strict COVID-19 protocol

Realtors now need to follow a strict COVID-19 protocol when showing houses to clients. We must have our buyers and sellers sign waivers. Buyers can no longer ride in our cars. There are no more open houses. Masks and gloves need to be worn, and surfaces wiped down after showings are complete. After doing some ... Read More »

Real Estate Market Minute

The mass exodus of families from Vancouver is continuing, and the Sunshine Coast Real Estate Market is red hot. The ferry waits are horrendous but that isn’t the deterrent it used to be as, once here, mum and dad will primarily telecommute, so the struggle won’t be daily. Here are how the numbers break down ... Read More »

Real Estate Market update

As we move deeper into July, our real estate market here on the Sunshine Coast continues to heat up. Gibsons, specifically, is suffering from a lack of inventory which is pushing prices higher. Spring is typically a busy time for real estate, but that demand was bottled up due to quarantine. With restrictions lessening, interest ... Read More »

Thoughts on Covid-19

At the end of the month I normally spend my time researching market stats then summarizing them in my “market minute”. My friends Paul and Val collaborate, film and edit a video for me and I use the same content for my radio spot on 91.7 Coast FM and in this article. For the last ... Read More »

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