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Real Estate Market Minute

Home sales and prices will likely face declines in the spring and early summer, with a recovery along with the economy in the second half of the year, according to the latest projection from BC Real Estate Association (BCREA) Chief Economist Brendon Ogmundson. “Unsurprisingly, the results of our simulations show a steep decline in home ... Read More »

Staging your home for sale

What does staging your home mean? Staging your home for sale is the act of strategically arranging your furniture and decor so your home looks its best while it’s on the market. Staging your home in preparation for sale is all about accentuating your home’s strengths and minimizing its weaknesses. Buyers are picky, so a ... Read More »

Preparing your home for sale

Spring is upon us which also means many of you are thinking of selling your home. If that’s the case, it’s time to roll up your sleeves and get busy.  Here are six tips to prepare your home for sale: 1. Declutter your home.  Over the years we tend to collect things we don’t always ... Read More »

Mortgage qualifications, February sales and short-term rental regulations

The Canadian government recently announced revised mortgage qualification rules that will come into effect on April 6.   Current rules require would-be buyers to qualify for a mortgage using the Bank of Canada’s average five-year-rate. But starting in early April, qualifying using that Bank of Canada rate goes out the window. According to a department ... Read More »

The benefits of hiring a property manager for your investment property

This week I have been dealing with squatters at one of the properties I have listed. The landlord moved out of town and didn’t know that the tenants on the lease had “sub-let” the property to their friends. These tenants then moved out and the “friends” were now living in the property alone. Rent stopped ... Read More »

Steps to buying your first home – continued

Read part one here: Now you have a pre-approval in hand and have selected the realtor you want to use as your buyer’s agent, it’s time to start looking at homes. At this stage, you should have been set-up on what is generally referred to as a “drip feed”.  The drip feed will automatically ... Read More »

Steps to buying your first home

With all indicators being that that the Sunshine Coast real estate market will be moving to more balanced conditions over the next 12 months, many first-time home buyers are busy saving their down payments in the hopes of getting into the market. The first step in buying your first home is to get pre-approved for ... Read More »

Celebrate Valentine’s Day on the Sunshine Coast

The original mid-February celebration of love was a fertility festival which honoured the Roman god of agriculture. Like many of our modern holidays, this pagan merrymaking was later rebranded, and is now referred to as Valentine’s Day. Named after not one but TWO saints called Valentinus, the re-imagined celebration was more “pope-y” than “love-y” until ... Read More »

February a good month to list

February finds the Sunshine Coast still in a Buyers’ Market but there are indications that we will be moving towards a balanced situation before the end of the year. Sellers seem to have accepted the new reality with regard to pricing their homes to sell and there are less overpriced listings on the market. Traditionally, ... Read More »

Fending off the winter blues

On the Sunshine Coast our winter season can be a bit of a grey and rainy season. Yes, we still get beautiful sunny days here and there but I’m going to share tips on getting through the stretches of greyer weather. Really, the same tips apply year-round: be active, be social, eat healthy, and learn ... Read More »

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