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Controlling knotweed on your property

May is BC’s invasive species action month and the Coastal ISC (Invasive Species Committee) has partnered with other regional weed committees throughout BC to bring home owners fun and educational resources to help them defend their property from knotweed. Visit to watch videos, get tips and download a booklet called “KNOT on my property”. ... Read More »

The value of a real estate lawyer

Have you ever wondered why your favourite movie stars always look so good? Or why your local Starbucks is perfectly clean and decorated for the season? The reason is simple; they have a team of professionals behind them who effortlessly make sure every detail is taken care of. Before you start wondering how this relates ... Read More »

Spring 2019 housing market slower than in 2018

The May long weekend is widely considered to be Canada’s unofficial start to summer. Here on BC’s Sunshine Coast, it kicks off our busy tourism season that’ll last until Labour Day. Out west, May’s long weekend goes by May Two-Four and May-Long while in Ontario, it’s sometimes called Firecracker Day. But the holiday’s proper name ... Read More »

What to do with that doggie bag

If you do any hiking on the Sunshine Coast, you will have noticed bags of dog deposits hanging in trees and bushes or placed on rocks. It seems to be getting worse and is a pet (pun intended) peeve of mine. I couldn’t figure out why people were doing it. Surely there can’t be that ... Read More »

Buying pre-sale on the Sunshine Coast

Knowing the facts about the real estate market, specific developments or locations, and the many types of transactions available is the first priority of every realtor working for a client looking to buy. In my practice, I place transparency above all other values: it’s what I expect from my clients, and it’s what they demand ... Read More »

Marketing your home

Since I first started writing this column, I am frequently asked by people with homes listed for sale what they can do to get their home sold. Here is what I do when listing a home which will hopefully be helpful to anyone interested in putting their home on the market. Video and a floorplan ... Read More »

Setting an appropriate asking price for your home

April finds us with lots of overpriced listings and fewer buyers than normal for this time of year. The Sunshine Coast is currently in a buyers’ market but, as a group, local home sellers haven’t fully processed this yet. Many still believe that their tax assessment is the minimum market value of their property but ... Read More »

Strata living

Is there a difference between a condo and a strata? In general, condominium is synonymous with strata. However, in BC, strata is typically used as a catchall term that covers townhouse, apartment style, and bare land complexes. Again, specific to BC, when someone says “condo,” they’re typically talking about ownership in an apartment style dwelling. ... Read More »

Wireless service on the Sunshine Coast

Starting May 4, British Columbians will be getting a new area code, bringing the provincial total to five. Get ready to start seeing phone numbers that start with 672. Back in 2001, 10-digit dialing was introduced to Metro Vancouver and then, seven years later, in 2008, the rest of the province followed suit. That meant ... Read More »

The appeal of investing in the Sunshine Coast

We are seeing an increase in activity as we move into spring and more investors looking on the Coast. Vancouver has long been a favourite city for real estate investors, but prices and taxes are forcing buyers to consider other markets. But before buying in Squamish or Kelowna, they are now considering BC’s Sunshine Coast. ... Read More »

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