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All that Gibsons has to offer

I can’t imagine a better place to own a business than on BC’s spectacular Sunshine Coast. Today I’m going to focus on Gibsons and attempt to explain to you why this is a great community in which to live, work, and invest. Gibsons is the southernmost community on the Sunshine Coast and is home to ... Read More »

Local realtor turns published author

In his newly released  Setting A New Benchmark – The Straight Truth on Buying and Selling Real Estate in Canada, Tony Browton shares with us his insights into the art of buying and selling real estate. Although his advice and expertise can be applied to the real estate industry as a whole, his experience is ... Read More »

Local food is the focus

Chef Paul Haldane and Tony Browton, co-owners of The Nova Kitchen in Gibsons,  both believe that “local” is more than a buzzword or a marketing term. Haldane says one of the main reasons he updates the menu regularly is because of his commitment to locality, seasonality, and sustainability. “Ingredients taste better come the time of ... Read More »

Gibsons’ Nova Kitchen opens for business

Chef Paul Haldane, left, and business partner Tony Browton celebrate their unofficial first night of business Feb. 24 at Nova Kitchen, at 546 Gibsons Way, a local heritage building. Nova offers high-end dishes in its cozy dining room. The restaurant is now open for suppers, Tuesday through Saturday. Rik Jespersen photo Read More »

Realtor innovation gives bus riders a break

If you want to get around using public transit, but don’t like standing while you wait, there’s some relief on the way. 18 benches are being assembled and installed in some Sunshine Coast neighbourhoods — maybe one has already arrived at your usual bus stop. It’s happening thanks to some outof- the-box thinking from two ... Read More »

The neighbourhoods of Gibsons, part three

This is the third column examining the different neighbourhoods in Gibsons. Creekside-Hillcrest Creekside-Hillcrest comes about its name honestly. The eastern boundary of this triangle-ish neighbourhood follows Gibsons Creek from Reed Road right down to Gibsons Way. The elevation of from the bottom of the neighbourhood to the top is quite steep but the hill crests ... Read More »

The neighbourhoods of Gibsons, part two

We continue our look at the neighbourhoods of Gibsons. Upper Gibsons As the name implies, Upper Gibsons is higher up and further from the ocean than Lower Gibsons. Highway 101 slices through the middle of the neighbourhood with businesses and restaurants lining each side of the road. Upper Gibsons is the commercial and industrial centre ... Read More »

The neighbourhoods of Gibsons, part one

Today, a look at some of the neighbourhoods in Gibsons, and their individual charms. North Fletcher Geographically, North Fletcher is one of the smallest neighbourhoods in Gibsons. Located between Upper and Lower Gibsons, North Fletcher is comprised mainly of residential properties with some commercial development towards the top of School Road and down along Gibsons ... Read More »

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