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Pebbles Restaurant at the Driftwood Inn

Pebbles Restaurant at the Driftwood Inn

The culinary team at Pebbles Restaurant is ready to seat you now. The Sechelt dining staple has acquired a new chef, a new focus, and a creative new menu that is sure to keep you coming back for seconds.

Chef Gord (via Blue Ocean Golf Club and Whistler) partnered with Jackie Coombs (General Manager of Driftwood Inn) two months ago and are busy overhauling the menu at Pebbles and bringing in fresh, creative meals that combines the casual dining atmosphere with high quality ingredients. “Canadian cooking with flair”, is Chef Gord’s style and he has a following of locals that love his cooking and always want to visit with him when they come to eat.

Pebbles continues to serve guests all day with hearty breakfast options to keep your energy up while you tackle your day’s activities. Lunch and dinner menus will both be available throughout the day. Chef Gord knows that sometimes we really want that grilled cheese sandwich at 8pm and other times we love a hearty steak at 1pm. He wants to make sure everyone leaves happy and satiated. Along with the favourites of West Coast seafood chowder and fish & chips, the menu is brimming with new items. A warm duck salad with an orange ginger sauce is a delicious new option or a West Coast Caesar Salad with scallops and prawns and vegetarians will do a double take when they bite into the veggie burger. The flavours and texture are so similar to a meat that they might be thinking they were served the wrong burger. You weren’t; they are just that good.

Dinner’s buffalo meatloaf is bound to become a favourite. The meatloaf stands atop a bed of garlic mash potatoes, coated in shiitake demi-glaze and crispy onions. This is definitely not your mother’s meatloaf. A Fisherman’s stew (East Coast style), curry prawns, miso dressed black sable fish and many other new items shows that the chef has been listening to his guests and providing them delicious dining options to suit every taste. Consistent throughout the menu is fresh, local ingredients and a dedication to good “Canadian style meals with flair”.

Although Pebbles Restaurant has a spectacular view of Georgia Strait, with Chef Gord’s delectable new menu, his talented team of cooks, and the wonderful staff, you won’t be spending much time looking at the view. You’ll be raving over the food. Call for reservations 604-885-5811.

– Natalie Findlay

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