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Pender Harbour planning meeting

Pender Harbour planning meeting

The Pender Harbour Advisory Council is seeking your input during an open forum (meeting) on the acquisition of two properties across from the Pender Harbour Health Centre. These properties are currently listed for sale and are ideally situated for targeting tourists as it is at one of the main entrances to Pender Harbour.   While we have had several meetings with interested parties/societies on this subject, we are now soliciting opinions and funding ideas from community members.  This may be one of several meetings to compile a comprehensive plan, but it will be only through your input of ideas, opinions and support that this can be accomplished.

The agenda for this meeting will be:
• Highlight the properties in question • Discuss potential uses of the properties, if purchased

• Identify the upfront costs as well as the on-going costs of these properties

• Determine sources of funding • Discuss alternatives to purchasing

• Determine next steps towards preparation of a comprehensive plan

Madeira Park School of Music main room Monday November 17th @ 6:00 – 8:00pm

Please RSVP with the number of people attending

Randy Picketts Past Chair PH Advisory Council 604-883-2930  •

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