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Play some golf, help some folks in need

Play some golf, help some folks in need

Fifteen years ago, Sunshine Coast social worker Lynda Kearns founded a home in Tanzania for children in dangerous circumstances. The project, Vijaliwa Vingi (VVS), has always been funded by donations from Coast residents, through the Canadian registered charity, CanaDares Society.

CanaDares’ major fundraiser each year is the John Nicholls Memorial Golf Tournament and celebratory dinner, which this year will be held at the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club in Roberts Creek , on Sunday, July 30. But this year the message is different.

Vijaliwa Vingi plans the development of a boarding school on its 20-acre rural site, which should enable its operations to become financially independent by 2022.

Historically, the project has never received any funding from either the Government of Canada or the Government of Tanzania, despite its function as a part of the country’s social welfare framework. However, as a private school, it will be supported by students’ parents through fees for both instruction and boarding.

Instruction in the Tanzanian government school system is in Swahili in primary school, and English in secondary school; this results in difficulties for students at changeover time. The VVS school will operate bilingually, from pre-school to secondary.

It will have additional advantages for children: three meals a day, solar powered lighting, positive (rather than punitive) discipline, an emphasis on reading skills, and the VVS  principles of honesty, respect, and co-operation.

The July 30 event will feature ‘Texas Scramble’ golf (to even competition between the duffers and the pros) and a great dinner, with both silent and not-so-silent auction (supported by local businesses).  Cost of golf and dinner is $125, or just dinner is $85. Registration is available online through the Sunshine Coast Golf and Country Club website.

For more information, please see our website or find us on facebook: CanaDaresSocietyForChildrenInTanzania.


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