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Police incident report

Police incident report

Incidents report 

April 28 –May 4

Police were called to Chatelech Secondary School on April 28, after a youth was caught stealing money from another student’s backpack. The youth admitted to the theft and the matter is being referred to Restorative Justice.

During the evening of May 1, a woman reported that her seasonal cabin in the Egmont area had been broken into over the winter months.  Several lawn and garden tools were stolen, and multiple windows were smashed. Police encourage owners of seasonal residences to remove valuables if possible, and to have a neighbour check their properties periodically if they will be unoccupied for extended periods of time. The sooner a break-in or theft is noticed, the better the chances are of gathering evidence and identifying a suspect.

On May 1, RCMP and the Sechelt Fire Department attended the Extra Foods parking lot after a GMC Jimmy caught fire. The owner had been shopping, and when she returned to her vehicle and attempted to start it, she noticed smoke coming from the dash area before the car caught fire. Fortunately no one was injured. The cause of the fire is suspected to be electrical.

On April 28, police attended a single vehicle incident on Highway 101 near Curran Road, Halfmoon Bay, after the driver reported ending up in the ditch after swerving to avoid a deer. Both the driver and passenger were taken to hospital for assessment and the vehicle, which was heavily damaged, was towed from the scene. The matter has been referred to ICBC.

On April 28, a witness reported a vehicle was being driven erratically northbound on Wharf Road in Sechelt, and advised that the driver and passenger inside appeared to be fighting. Police located the registered owner who advised that he and his adult child had been goofing around in the car. The driver was warned about possible charges stemming from driving with such distractions.

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