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Pender Harbour trash bash cleans up

Pender Harbour trash bash cleans up

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A couple dozen of the 82 volunteers – including a babe in arms – who took part in the SCRD’s “trash bash” on Sept. 16, pause while cleaning up a dump site off the McNair Forest Service Road near Port Mellon. The group recovered all manner of garbage, including glass, metal, mattresses, old computers and propane containers. Much of it had been used for target practice – there were also hundreds of shell casings – and then burned. Donna McMahon photo

Residents who care about their community do not dump garbage in our forests. According to Area A, SCRD representative Frank Mauro, “We all need to stand in opposition to people who spoil our wild and recreational places with illegal dumping. I hope that working together as a community on this project will inspire people to keep their neighborhoods trash free all year long.”

The Pender Harbour Advisory Council is inviting all members of the community to participate in a “Fall Trash Bash” taking place on Saturday, Sept. 23, 10am-2pm. This event will focus on cleaning up illegal dumpsites from parks, hiking trails and the ocean, as well as clearing trash from our roads and shores.

Registration includes a free lunch provided by the Pender Harbour Rotary Club and the Sunshine Coast Credit Union. Volunteers are asked to meet at 10am at Lions Park at 13776 Sunshine Coast Hwy. Participants are urged to wear sturdy footwear, and bring gloves and safety vests, if they have them.

In 2016, 43 people took part, with the following results:  the 4,710 kilograms of trash collected was contained in 21 pick-up truck loads.


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