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‘Practice what you preach’

‘Practice what you preach’

Last month, the SCRD awarded a courier contract to Sprinter Delivery for SCRD deliveries between their administration office and their various recreation facilities. This company is an off coast, Burnaby based delivery service. This is a serious conflict when the SCRD is supposed to be promoting local businesses. In an information meeting regarding this contract, it was made very clear by the purchasing officer that the SCRD will only deal with companies that abide by their Sustainability Program, “GO GREEN”. They have obviously made allowances for Sprinters oversized vans. The SCRD moves nothing more than little document pouches and the use of these big vans is ridiculous for their requirements.

We need to let the people of the Sunshine Coast know that the SCRD is not practising what it preachs!

Ivan Smyth, Halfmoon Bay
(Mayfair Courier Services)

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  1. The SCRD supports open, transparent and sustainable purchasing practices. For this tender, the successful bid demonstrated lower costs – we expect to save the taxpayer $56,000 over the term of the contract compared to the previous contract. Furthermore, the vehicles used in the successful bid emit far less CO2 g/KM than the other bid. I agree, we should practice what we preach…we should demonstrate a careful stewardship of taxpayer dollars and care for our environment – we have achieved both!
    John France Chief Administrative Officer SCRD

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