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RCMP traffic stops

RCMP traffic stops

During the night of November 1, while conducting a road check on Highway 101 in Roberts Creek, police checked a vehicle that smelled strongly of burnt marihuana. Marihuana paraphernalia was seen in plain sight in the passenger side foot well and the driver admitted to having smoked marihuana earlier in the evening.  The drug paraphernalia was seized for destruction.  Police are enforcing zero tolerance for drug-impaired driving.  The novice driver was issued a 24-hour driving prohibition and the vehicle was impounded.

In the early morning hours of November 2, police stopped a vehicle during a road check in Roberts Creek, and detected the odour of liquor from the driver. The driver initially denied consuming alcohol but when questioned again, admitted to having consumed several drinks that evening. The driver was given a roadside alcohol screening test which resulted in a “warn.” The driver was issued a three-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition and his driver’s licence was seized.



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