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RCMSAR and other first responders are here for you this holiday season

RCMSAR and other first responders are here for you this holiday season

Tis the season for celebration and SAR members do it well. In long standing tradition, land and marine SAR members joined other first responders up and down the Coast to show support for the Elves Club and their Crash the Coast fundraiser the afternoon of Saturday, Dec. 7. Boots were filled, smiles shared, and wishes for a prosperous new year echoed across the land. 

Later that night, as RCMSAR 12 crew gathered for our annual Christmas party, we were reminded that emergencies can happen at any time. At 5:46pm Saturday, Dec. 7, we were tasked in to assist a vessel taking on water near Thormanby Island. While in transit, more information became available to the three crew members on board and they learned that a 65-foot commercial fishing vessel was taking on water approximately two nautical miles south of Merry Island. In true mariner fashion, a vessel of opportunity was nearby and on its way to the scene to lend assistance. Additional Coast Guard assets included the Moytel hovercraft based on Sea Island and the Cape Cockburn lifeboat from French Creek on Vancouver Island. Our crew onboard the Ken Moore, berthed in Secret Cove, arrived on scene at 6:36pm to assist in dewatering the fishing vessel. Pumps were transferred to the fishing vessel from the Moytel and soon the water began to recede. Once under control, RCMSAR 12 was stood down and the Cape Cockburn escorted the fishing vessel to Vancouver. All crews were deeply thanked by the skipper who said he was hesitant to call for help as he did not want to be a bother. He was reminded, and we’d like to remind everyone, that that is why we do what we do. Please, if you are ever in doubt of your safety call for help. We would rather arrive on scene to the situation becoming under control than to arrive too late.


Search and Rescue volunteers joined other first responders in collecting for the Elves Club on Dec. 7. This group is at Independent Grocer at the Tsain-Ko Mall in Sechelt. John Howcroft photo

As our winter playgrounds start gathering snow and the backcountry beckons, we would like to remind our readers of the importance of planning and preparation for wherever your adventures may take you this holiday season. From the gear you wear and use, to filing a trip plan, there are many resources to help keep you safe and active during the colder months and the shorter days. For more information and resources, visit and remember that your SAR crews are here for you, 24/7/365.

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