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Read to your children

Read to your children

School District #46 Superintendent Patrick Bocking has a message for parents awaiting decisions on the remainder of the school year, following the March 17 announcement of the suspension of classroom instruction.
In an email to the Local on March 19 Bocking wrote: “Until plans are in place, we encourage parents to read with their children, take walks in nature and talk about everything they see. Draw pictures, write stories, count and add things, cook with your children for fun and for learning, and play games. We also encourage parents and caregivers to talk to their children about the current crisis in an age appropriate way.”
In closing the schools, the provincial government said some classrooms and school staff could be involved in the provision of child minding services for health care and other essential service workers was mentioned, but the role of Coast schools was not clear.
Connie Jordison

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